The Gunman’s Voyage


The Gunman's Voyage by J. R. Winton

A young Englishman sails to America to begin a new life… and finds a mentor in the most unexpected place!

The Gunman’s Voyage is only available as an eBook for just $.99 on Amazon. Check out J.R. Winton’s Author page on Amazon.

Blog posts are used to expand on the story and how I created the characters. I have just begun this journey so there are not that many posts right now, but there will be! Make sure you follow me so you know when I have new books to share.

J. R. Winton is the author of The Desolation Trilogy. Book One, Infinity’s Queen is where the journey begins. Into the Expanse builds the story into a fierce battle which is fought in The Gathering Storm.

A new short story to check out,  Draw the Long Bow. A criminal gang rides into an isolated border town for an orgy of debauchery and brutalization, and the only hope for the town’s citizens is a mysterious gunman with his own agenda..

J.R. Winton.

Created by Michael Sciacca

4 thoughts on “The Gunman’s Voyage

  1. The Gunman’s Voyage is a highly entertaining, brilliantly written short work. Mr. Winton’s grasp of the English language and attention to detail allow the reader to become completely immersed in the story, and feel as though they were actually aboard the sailing ship. Many important lessons are woven throughout this tale, some obvious, some subtle. The characters are easily relatable to anyone – we have all been the judge, the judged, the outspoken, the pursuer of fulfillment and the voice of honesty. It contains all the elements a perfect story requires. Bravo!

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