Into the Expanse

into the expanse book cover

Freighter Pilot Reed Cooper, accused of murdering the captain and crew of the Infinity’s Queen, finds himself beset on all sides by hired killers and agents of the corrupt Pan-Galactic Corporation as he struggles to clear his name and battles for his very survival. His unlikely allies in his fight are Vahran, a young and inexperienced Nasai Warrior, and Serita Grant, the beautiful woman who once owned Cooper’s heart. Terran Legion Lieutenant Dan Quinn also hunts Cooper, as he struggles to unravel the pilot’s ties to a ruthless serial killer whose brutality is as chilling as the alien symbols he leaves behind, drawn in the blood of his victims. The pursuit will span the width of the Terran Republic, sending them deep into the heart of the Morphoss Expanse.

Check out Book One Infinity’s Queen, and Book Three The Gathering Storm. The full trilogy can be purchased individually on Amazon but you can get the trilogy signed by the author HERE.
J. R. Winton

jrwinton smaller
Created by Michael Sciacca

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