Infinity’s Queen


Along the perimeter of the Cyrillian Protectorate lies the vastness of the Frontier; a zone of the Terran Republic which draws the adventurers, the explorers, the desperate, and the lawless. Lieutenant Daniel Quinn of the Terran Legion is a hard-nosed investigator who once thought he’d seen it all; right up until a brutal series of killings puts him on the trail of a ruthless serial killer whose brutality is as chilling as the alien hieroglyphs he draws in his victim’s blood. The massacre of an interstellar freighter’s entire crew provides a startling connection to the killer; as Quinn realizes a powerful business corporation might be framing a survivor of the massacre, the ship’s pilot Reed Cooper, in hopes of throwing Quinn off the trail. Cooper himself bears a reputation as a dangerously violent man; but Quinn knows he needs to find the pilot if he is to discover the truth.

Check out Book Two Into the Expanse, and Book Three The Gathering Storm. The full trilogy is not available on Amazon but you can get it HERE.

Check out J. R. Winton on Amazon.

jrwinton smaller
Created by Michael Sciacca

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