The Journey

Sometimes life is more about the journeys we take.

Recently, a death in the family had my wife and I reevaluating where we were in the world. We had settled in Montana looking for a good place to live and relax, enjoying the idea of living in a more rural area, and in that we had been quite successful; settling in a small town on the shores of the Flathead Lake, where deer and wild turkeys (the birds, not the booze) were regular guests in our yard. But, we also at times found ourselves missing the Southwest, from the culture to the people to even the food.

Wild Turkeys!

But, when we took a trip back to New Mexico we realized just how much it felt like “Home” with a capital “H”. We began to consider the possibility that maybe we should move back, and thus we began to make plans. But, then a series of events unfolded that forced us to accelerate our time table dramatically, and we ended up haphazardly throwing our possessions into a U-haul trailer and turning the nose of the SUV south.

Kalispell, Montana

We endured extreme cold, wild storms, and strong winds; as if the elements themselves were raging at us for daring to pursue greener pastures. But, eventually we made it back to Santa Fe, and managed to find a good place to land. Now, surrounded by old friends and family, we truly feel we have come back Home, and we look to the future with optimism and excitement!

Santa Fe, New Mexico

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