The Wall

There is that point in every writer’s life where they hit The Wall; that sudden and almost jarring halt in the creative process where the story that’s been flowing along merrily suddenly reaches a crossroads that the writer finds themselves standing at in confusion, turning in circles and wondering which path to follow, or considering whether it’s time to break out the creative machete and start hacking through the undergrowth towards a new and less obvious path for the story.

At times, one almost has to resort to what amounts to a creative sledgehammer; crashing against that obstacle between you and that perfect phrase or transition that will carry you past the stopping point and get the story back on track.

That Wall can be a real challenge sometimes; something so thick and immovable that you might spend days or even weeks staring impotently at the words that end so incompletely in front of you; wondering in frustration if there even are any more words to this particular story, or if it’s time to set it aside and look at something else for a while.

The biggest Wall I ever encountered took me years to bust through.  Life can be the single most difficult obstacle to overcome when trying to write, and it can be very difficult to focus on a story when just focusing on getting through the day without unraveling seems like an insurmountable challenge.

Then… the moment comes when a spark of inspiration flashes behind your mind’s eye; a momentary flash that might be so quick you almost miss it, or it might be a flashbulb of astonishing clarity that dissolves The Wall like a shaped charge and suddenly the path ahead is clear!

That is the moment that writers live for (or this one does anyway!); that moment when a story that’s been turning over and over in their heads, nagging at them in the back of their mind and even intruding on their dreams, suddenly opens up and you can see exactly where you need to go!  Riding that wave, writing enthusiastically and with excitement, experiencing that high that comes when a story begins to almost write itself, is what I live for.

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