Unto the Breach, Dear Friends…

….Aaaand here we have my first official blog.

Just as an introduction: my name is J.R. Winton, and I’m an author.

It still seems strange to say that without putting the word “aspiring” in front of it, but since I’ve gone ahead and published my first work on Amazon (and even made a few dollars here and there with it) I suppose I can officially drop the “aspiring” classifier and state unequivocally that I am an author.  A writer.  An honest to God novelist.

Oh, and you can find my novels, The Desolation Trilogy, here:  amazon.com/author/jrwinton

I was always fascinated by the idea of storytelling.  When I was a young boy, before I even fully comprehended reading, I loved to draw pictures that told a story.  When I discovered books – REAL books – my universe was changed forever.

The first book I ever picked for myself and read all the way through (other than picture books, that is) was the book Radigan, by Louis L’Amour.  I’ve been a fan of Westerns ever since; though only a couple of years later I got to sit in a movie theater in my home town and see the original Star Wars, and that means I’ve been just as big a fan of science fiction.  Oh, and since my father had been a career military officer I was big on military history too.  And my maternal grandfather was a cop for 40 years, so throw police procedurals into the mix.

By the time I was in middle school I had a pile of notebooks that were all stories I was writing, though my biggest problem was always my attention span.  I’d start writing a Western, then get seized by an idea and I’d start a science fiction story, then a war story, then a…. well, you get the idea.

Ironically, it was a single image that pulled it all together for me.  An image on a TV screen, when I was in college; a frozen moment in a movie friends and I were watching on the VCR (those were big back then; yes, I know I’m dating myself).  A couple of people needed a bathroom break, so we paused the movie… and I found myself looking at a western gunfighter, with buildings behind him only vaguely visible through the dust, and I found myself thinking of that gunfighter standing in front of futuristic buildings in an interstellar civilization.

Just like that an entire universe began to coalesce in my head; a story of an interstellar civilization that had an untamed Frontier just like any other civilization we’ve seen at any point in our own history… and I’ve been in that universe ever since.  I’ve had to be; there are just too many compelling stories that can be found there.

Hopefully, you might read this and find it worthwhile to join me as I explore that universe and see what kind of adventures it might hold….

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